Hohner Acoustic AS200 7/8 SIZE STEEL STRING


Hohner Acoustic



Hohner Acoustic


Hohner student guitars are a prefered choice for music educators and students worldwide. The AS200 is crafted with a Spruce top and Basswood back and sides. The 7/8 scale is designed and recommended for players ages 13 or older. Light gauge steel strings and a comfortable neck profile provides easier playability. Hohner meticulously developed a new manufacturing system known as the A+ Advantage. It is standard on all Hohner Student guitars. It improves many details of the guitar’s performance..Properly cured wood and correct grain direction is crucial to make more stable, reliable guitars. They are equipped with specially designed neck blocks enhancing tone and projection. Fret size / installation techniques improve tactile performance and intonation. Neck angles optimized for maximum playability.

Gluing processes redesigned for tight solid seals – no glue gaps or weaknesses.   Bridge installation improved for string vibrational transfer to the top for sustain and rich tone.  Internal braces strategically altered to maximize tonal vibration. The Hohner A+ Advantage system has 35+ improvements. Resulting guitars have increased quality, volume, playability, tone, sustain and instrument life. Only A+ by Hohner instruments can claim the attributes of the A+ Advantage system.

  • Improved Bracing produces more volume & balanced tone
  • Enhanced Neck-Body Joint design for more volume, better tone & greater stability
  • Refined Fretwork for better tactile response & improved intonation
  • Precision Gluing improves durability
  • Better Neck Construction for reliably straight necks & consistent fingerboards
  • Superior Headstock Design reduces string length variations & maximizes tuning accuracy
  • Optimum Wood Quality for improved visual appearance & enhanced resonance


Learning to play a new guitar should be fun and exciting. Speaking as a guitar instructor, Hohner A+ guitars = happy student.
– Dave Corley, Guitar Instructor, Arlington X



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