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About Us

Music is a part of life! It is there to enjoy and bring joy to others! It is there to complete who we are and help bridge the gaps of where we want to be. A music store isn’t about selling  guitars, its about sharing the knowledge of music. Jimmy’s is a group of teachers and musicians who have a passion for music. We provide a fun learning experience to keep the kids involved in music. Yes learning can be fun!! We provide lessons for almost every type of instrument.

Why a referral program?


First and foremost it’s to keep music in student’s lives.

It provides lessons to new students or students that

want to progress farther with their talent.

How it works…..

fill in the appropriate information  and submit the form.

Student Referral Form

For your support we will contact you by email so you can choose the type of gift card you would like, and we will send it to you in the mail. Thank you for your help!



Any question’s contact us

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